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ski1Women medal winners (upper photo) and men medal winners.   Photos by Andrus Ers.


Over 150 USA and Canadian ESTOS converged on Mt Tremblant, Quebec on March 9th for a 3-day weekend of skiing, snow boarding and socializing.

The group was fairly evenly split between our friends from the north and USA ESTOS. That said, there was a noticeable and welcome new contingent of teens & 20s, who all seemed to enjoy the weekend and were “tearing up the dance floor” at the traditional Saturday evening awards dinner/party thanks to our great DJ Stefan Skonberg who knew exactly what tunes to play. The evening ended with some great folkdancing and sentimental Estonian songs.

Also on the itinerary this year was an apres-ski hospitality function hosted by Eesti Spordiliit USA (aka: EAAA - Estonian American Amateur Athletes). The private Library Room at Sommet Des Neiges hotel was packed with ESTOS who had a 3 hour opportunity to mingle and make new friends.

The traditional ski race which took place at 10am on Saturday morning was greeted by - 29 C temperature and strong winds. Despite the frigid weather, 60 of the 72 registered racers braved the harsh climate with several experiencing mild frost-bite. The Mt Tremblant race coordinators  did not have a timing hut at the bottom of the race course and also fell victim to frostbite with one needing medical attention at the end of our 2-hour event.



The conditions unfortunately made it difficult for the 2 ski school employees to accurately record times - so regrettably, some of the results were not properly documented. To the few who raced and did not get timing results…I once again apologize for the unfortunate weather related “results malfunction” delivered by the Mt Tremblant race coordinator.

For the group of 60 racers we did get times for, here are Eesti Spordiliit sponsored trophy & medal recipients:



Parim Mees-suusataja - Connor Obrien 21.41
Parim Nais-suusataja - Mari Timmusk 25.93
Parim Noor Suusataja – Wade Ashford  28.77
Parim Preili Suusataja - Sarah Mannik 29.76
Parim Noorhärra Suusataja - Hendrik Jaakobson 25.42
Parim Naislumelaudur - Natalie Jalakas 44.38
Parim Meeslumelaudur - August Jalakas 37.04


EAAA Medals Winners Skiers


Girls 12
Sarah Mannik – Gold 29.76
Toni Mannik - Silver 30.73

Young Ladies 14 to 18
Martha Mannik - Gold
Julia Aasmaa - Silver
Heili Poolsaar - Bronze


Ladies  20s
Mari Timmusk – Gold 25.92


Ladies  30s
Kaja-Kai Ojamaa – Gold 30.26
Kristina Nielander – Silver 32.30
Maria Becker – Bronze 34.87


Ladies 50s
Linda Nagy – Gold 28.60
Karin Jogi – Silver 44.17


Ladies Senior
Kaarin Menser – 31.98
Leili Pede-Foster – 32.31
Mari Teedla – 39.62


Boys 10
Lukas Becker – Gold 36.28

Young Men 14 to 15
Henry Ashford – Gold 29.48
Joosep Juhkam – Silver 29.94


Young Men 15 to 19
Wade Ashford - Gold 28.77
Cedrik Moore - Silver 32.42
George Ashford III - Bronze 35.02


Men 20s
Hedrik Jakobson – Gold 25.42
Karl Hantho – Silver 33.71


Men 30s
Alex Shonberg – Gold 26.93
Eero Teene – Silver 27.36
Allan Marley – Bronze 28.09


Men 40s
Peeter Poolsaar – Gold 35.01


Men 50s
Connor Obrien – Gold 21.41
Mark Hantho – Silver 23.61
Robert Juhkam – Bronze 23.67


Men 60s
Renee Volgrin - Gold 23.58
Valter Must – Silver 26.38
Tom Schonberg – Bronze 26.93


Men Seniors
Peeter Teedla – Gold 32.40
Jaak Vilms – Silver 41.90


Snow Boarders
Young Men 15 to 17
Julius Jalakas – Gold 37.04
August Jalakas – Silver 42.78


Young Ladies 15
Natalie Jalakas - Gold 44.38

Erik Must – Gold 37.27
Olev Aivo – Silver 40.30
Peter Bodtke – Bronze 45.64


Ingrid Nagy – Gold 49.66

Complete race results can be found on the following web page:

Along with my co-organizer Aini Maripuu, we would once again like to thank everyone who attended this year’s ESTO Ski event. Looking forward to an even larger group next year…maybe back to Mt Tremblant? In the meantime, hope to see you at one of the future Eesti Spordiliit events on the calendar below.


Andrus Ers


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