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You have already received, or will shortly receive, the Estonian American National Council’s fundraising letter, together with a new brochure about the EANC and its activities.  The printing company who handled the printing and mailing, and which we have used in the past, has mista-kenly included a wrong, old letter in this mailing. The correct letter is below.  EANC is working with the printer to see how it intends to correct its error.  We try to keep our fundrai-sing appeals to a minimum, but it is more than ever the case that we need your help in supporting the many activities that the members of the Estonian-American community expect of us. The brochure that accompanied the letter in question is timely, and describes the many ways we support our community.  We hope that you have a chance to look at it, as well as the letter that we intended to send below, and find it in your hearts to help us in this important work. Thank you! Dear Fellow Estonians and Friends of Estonia!                          January, 2012 For six decades, the Estonian American National Council (EANC) has served as the central organization uniting the Estonian-American community. For much of its existence, the EANC worked with our fellow Estonian-Americans as we all sought the re-establishment of Estonian independence, making sure that American policy makers and public alike were aware of the true situation in Estonia. Now, two decades after the restoration of Estonian independence, American support remains as essential as ever to Estonia, and Estonia is one of America’s truest NATO allies. The EANC needs to continue to provide accurate information on the Estonian nation and people. While Estonian-Americans will clearly remember the events of past decades, we live among new generations of Americans and leaders, whose knowledge of Estonia and its history might be limited. Through our work, and in collaboration with the Joint Baltic American National Committee and the Central and East European Coalition, we will ensure that your voice as an Estonian-American will continue to be heard where it is still very much needed, and that we will be ready to act should Estonia again require our help. Our second, and as important a goal, is to foster the availability of, and access to, Estonian culture, language, history and traditions in the United States.  We do this to enrich the lives of our fellow Americans who wish to learn about the Estonian nation and people, and we do it for our families who wish to keep alive the culture, language and traditions of our ancestral homeland. Through our support of camps, schools, and Estonian-American societies, we help ensure their existence.  To support the effective chronicling of Estonian history, the EANC contributed substantially to the completion and distribution of The Singing Revolution, and more recently, Songs of Defiance – see  We hope that you will find the enclosed brochure useful in explaining our work. Now, in the coming year, we face new challenges, such as ensuring that our Estonian language newspaper in the U.S. remains a vital force serving our community. We have already pledged to provide the assistance necessary to keep Vaba Eesti Sõna operating through the end of 2012, giving its ownership an opportunity to chart a new course. We are prepared to work with them to improve and expand the availability and effectiveness of the newspaper. More than ever before, the EANC needs your increased support!  The survival of our Estonian-American newspaper is but one example of the increasing demands associated with ensuring continued viability of Estonian-American institutions and activities.  Please consider increasing your tax-deductible donation so that we can continue our work, and take on new challenges as they arise! Without this, there will surely come a day when you, your children or grandchildren will look for what we have taken for granted, and find them to be only memories. Thank you for your support!   Sincerely,  EANC Board of Directors:  Marju Rink-Abel, Eric Suuberg, Ülle Ederma, Siret Kork, Arne Kalm, Gilda Karu, Eliko Pedastsaar, Erik Puskar, Siiri Sutt, Airi Vaga, Ilmar Vanderer, Viiu Vanderer   (Please make check payable to “EANC” and mail to: EANC, Office of President, 9814 Hill Street, Kensington, MD 20895.  EANC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Receipts will be sent for donations of $250 or more (for donations of less than $250, your cancelled check will be your receipt). Copies of EANC’s financial and/or income tax reports are available by sending a written request to the above mailing address.)  


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