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NOTICE: The Estonian American National Council will hold its annual meeting on November 11-12, 2017,  at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront Hotel in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The meeting is open to all interested parties, but prior registration is required and space is limited.

On a hot summer Sunday in Washington D.C., representatives from JBANC and the embassies of Estonia and Lithuania paid respects at the gravesites of Sumner Welles and Loy Henderson.

MS Megastar, a fast ferry of listed Estonian shipper Tallink which began operating the Tallinn-Helsinki route at the end of January, has in the first six months of the year become the vessel to have carried the most passengers on the Baltic Sea.

foto 2 vurrid

Rudolf, Markus and Rasmus, all hundud (cubs) from Pärnu who attended the Eesti rahvus/vaheline skautide suur/laager – Estonian international scout jamboree "Seiklus/ratas" or "Wheel of Adventure" in Tagametsa in Järvamaa, central Estonia, said they thought the simple old-fashioned cardboard spinners they made in camp are more durable than fidget spinners (at least until vihma sajab – it rains).


In the first row left to right: Karen Ojamaa, Elo-Kai Ojamaa, Airi Vaga, Larry Ericksen, Norman Ikeda “honorary Estonian” - named unanimously by his friends, Eevi Truumees SECC trustee, Helgi Nelson, Liia Vilms, Aili Labidas, Koit Ojamaa. Second row left to right: Valdis Basens, E.E.L.C. Bishop Thomas Vaga, Marilem Ferentinos, Koit Ojamaa, Jaak Vilms, PhD (standing on a chair) and architect Ilmar Reinvald. Photo by Evi Truumees


Seabrook Educational and Cultural Center (SECC) and Seabrook Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) organized a threeday reunion. Everyone with ties to Seabrook was invited to celebrate and reminisce abolut their Seabrook experiences. The headquarters of the Reunion was in the Ramada Inn, Vineland, NJ.

CEECD Bofficevisitphoto

EANC and CEEC colleagues met with Representative Diaz-Balart's (R-FL) staff to share priorities and discuss policy.


The Central and East European Coalition (CEEC) recently published its annual policy brief, listing the legislative priorities the group is focusing its advocacy efforts on this year.

“Ta lendab mesipuu poole” is one of the most popular songs and sentiments of the massive Estonian song festivals. The poet, Juhan Liiv, writes of bees (signifying patriotic Estonians) who always fly towards the hive (their beloved home land). But this article is not about poetry or patriots, but of those conscientious striped pollinators, integral components of human survival. As Albert Einstein realized, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

Jäätise kiosk

Three to five in the afternoon was an especially exciting time at the Eesti rahvus/vaheline skautide suur/laager or Estonian international scout jamboree "Seiklus/ratas" or "Wheel of Adventure", which wrapped up after 8 days at the Järvemetsa of Estonia – Tagametsa, located near Rassi küla in Järvamaa in central Estonia. 15.00 - 17.00 was when the jäätise/kiosk "Jätsla" selling jäätis (ice cream) was open and also the designated time when campers could take a dip in the Saarjõe River's cold brown depths. JÄTS is slang for jäätis, just like VÕIKU is slang, or an endearing diminuative for või/leib (sandwich).


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