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The principle music study institution of the Catholic church, the Pontificio Istituto di Musica Sacra (The Pontifical Institute for Sacred Music) is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The anniversary festivities will last for a little over a month, and started on 26 May with a major international theological and sacred music conference with musicians and music researchers from many different countries.
One of the key events of the anniversary celebrations came on 28 May when the institute awarded honorary doctorates Laurea Honoris Causa di Musica Sacra to three prominent figures in the music world.

On June 9, a day with record breaking 102-degree temperatures, representatives of embassies and ethnic organizations gathered at the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, DC.  While the focus of the event was to remember the more than 100 million victims of communism, speakers also stressed that many parts of the world today are still under the communist yoke.
Ambassador Aldona Vos, former ambassador to Estonia, spoke of her own family’s experiences under communism in Poland.  She also stated that “shades of communism are apparent in many countries.

ERR News - This summer, the National Heritage Board will hunt ancient shipwrecked sailboats with the help of an underwater robot and sonar.
Historical relics lying on the seafloor have been less explored in Estonia than the castle walls and spiritual groves on dry land, reported the newspaper Meie Maa. Sea-based cultural heritage structures were placed under protection in 1999, but work to preserve them has only been underway for about five years.

ERR News - On June 9, European Union ministers approved a compromise made by the European Parliament and Council of the EU to establish the headquarters of the EU's IT-agency in Tallinn.
Estonia and France had been tussling over the rights to host the new agency until they reached a sharing agreement last year. The body will be inaugurated in 2012.
Media outlets had earlier reported that Tallinn's bid to host the agency's headquarters was a done deal, however the June 9 decision made at the Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg makes it official.

On May 17th the Estonian Pavilion (Pantiero 212) at the Cannes Festival 2011 celebrated the international film project 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero, a non-profit project dedicated to preserve the freedom of cinema in 35mm film.
60 directors from around the world will each contribute a one-minute cinematic postcard to be screened on Tallinn Bay, alongside Baltic Sea at the end of August 2011.
The film itself will be sacrificed through fire during projection, and will be never screened again. This is not an act of defiance, but as a love poem, it will be only seen and read once.

ERR News -A poll conducted in Russia found that 30 percent of those surveyed consider Estonia among the most hostile nations to their country, making it the fifth least friendly to the Russian Federation in their eyes.
The nationwide survey, which was conducted in May by the Levada-Center pollsters, asked respondents to name the five nations that they considered the most friendly to Russia, and the five least friendly, Interfax reported.

ERR News - Events across the nation on June 4 marked the 127 birthday of Estonia's blue, black and white flag.
The tricolor emerged at sunrise, as always, atop the medieval tower called Pikk Hermann on the capital's Toompea hill. Orchestras and choirs accompanied its hois-ting.
At noon, schoolchildren and the Defense Forces carried 127 flags to the historical Endla Theater in Pärnu – where the Republic of Estonia was first declared independent in 1918.

Keemia is a subject you learned at school – chemistry. The science of matter and the changes it undergoes. Yet these days, if something in Eesti is spoken about as being keemia, it's not good, at least not where food is concerned. A child wanting a bright pink popsicle might be warned "Ära seda söö, see on puhas keemia" – "Don't eat that, it's "completely chemical" (in make-up), i.e. a product of the chemical industry and not natural.


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