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ERR News - Although Estonia is popular among Finnish tourists for its cheap alcohol, there is no reason for the northern neighbors to buy ice cream or butter here, since it costs about twice as much as back home.
While at a local Alepa grocery store in Finland a liter of Ingman vanilla ice cream costs 1.45 euros, in Estonia the same product goes for 2.87, which is almost double the sum, wrote Postimees.
More expensive ice cream brands that sell for 2.29 euros per liter in Finland can cost up to 0.80 euros more in Estonia.

ERR News - KUMU, the Art Museum of Estonia, has asked the Ministry of Culture to bump up the museum's yearly budget by 250,000 euros, due to the growing cost of heating as the facility enters the open electricity market.
Companies that consume more than two gigawatt hours per year are currently required to buy electricity from the more expensive open market.
According to Sirje Helme, Director General of KUMU, an additional 304,874 euros is needed to cover the property's expenses.

ERR News - The Ministry of the Interior wants to make it easier for the police to identify the internet protocol (IP) addresses of people who make suspicious comments online that are perceived as a possible threat.
In the wake of the Norwegian attacks, which currently appear to have been perpetrated by a lone killer, officials say cryptic internet postings may be the only forewarning, ETV reported.
Currently, law enforcement bodies in Estonia find it difficult to identify IP addresses, according to a police official.

ERR News - The Foreign Ministry has provided 80,000 euros to ease the plight of Somalian refugees suffering from famine.
According to the UN, 11.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in East Africa due to the worst drought in 60 years and armed conflicts.

The Baltic Times:
A report indicated that in 2008, the ratio of Estonia’s spending on social protection benefits in GDP was the third lowest among the EU countries, reports Postimees Online.
The Report on Europe 2020’s Social Dimension stated that Estonia spent 15 percent of its GDP on social protection benefits. The EU average was nearly 25 percent in 2008, the highest in France (nearly 30 percent), Denmark and Sweden. According to the report, the share of people at risk of poverty has grown constantly during the past few years in Estonia and has reached nearly 20 percent.

During the first half of the year, the State Forest Management Center earned a net profit of 14.4 million euros, doubling last year's yield for the same period.
The agency sold 1.26 million cubic meters of timber for a total of 55.8 million euros, with the average price per cubit meter rising to 44.06 euros - up 17 percent since last year.
The forestry center also sold 150,000 cubic meters of wood chips, which brought in around 5.5 million euros.

The Tallinna Linnahall recreation center, which despite its closure in 2009 has served as a leisure spot for both locals and tourists, has not received enough support from the city government to keep its territory clean from garbage.
The seven employees hired to maintain the building and its surrounding area have to heat and clean the 4.2 hectares of land and an equal size underground territory with a total yearly budget of 440,000 euros.

The Social Democratic Party's youth wing is not impressed by the education minister's reforms for free higher education, asserting that there is no such thing as a free lunch.
The youth section of the party says that paid tuition is programmed into the reform even though Minister of Education Jaak Aaviksoo promised a universally free higher education. Not all university students who make it to the state-budget-funded slots will be able to fully complete the requirements of the curriculum.


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