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ERR News has hosted several live English-language pre-election debates held both in Estonia, as well as in Toronto, Canada (article in Estonian p.3). 

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Reinhold I. Martin, age 95 years, of Flemington, NJ, died peacefully on Sunday, January 27, 2019, at Hunterdon Medical Center. Born in Tallinn, Estonia, September 7, 1923, son of the late Reinhold and Hilda (Paias) Martin, he formerly resided in Seaford, NY, and had lived in the Flemington area for thirty-eight years.

E Res Jonatan

Ambassador Jonatan Vseviov introducing e-Residency event.


The Embassy of Estonia recently hosted two noteworthy events and took part in a quarterly meeting of all three Baltic embassies with the Joint Baltic American National Committee (JBANC) and its parent organizations. EANC was represented at all three events by Washington, DC Director Karin Shuey.

suusa nuti 003

Instead of meeting the usual tihane (chickadee), interesting tõug (breed) of dog, or other friendly suusataja (skier) while out on the trail, I was lapped (mercilessly) today by not one, but kaks hobust. Photo: Riina Kindlam


With 30 cm of snow on the ground in Tallinn as of 7. veebruar, but a period of slight thaw in the forecast (to a couple of degrees above freezing, nothing like the extremes Washington, DC, experienced in the past week), it was a now or never moment that makes you grab your suusad (skis) and head down to the nearest woods, which in the case of yours truly is Meri/metsa ("Sea Forest"), the mets by the meri (Kopli Bay) in Põhja-Tallinn

ERR news is hosting a live link to a pre-election English-language debate featuring leading candidates from the major political parties in Estonia.

jaiteoht 1 karbitud copy

Photo Riina Kindlam.


When the temperature is around null (zero, the freezing mark, 32°F), this sign above Sõle tänav in Põhja-Tallinn lights up. Photographed through an icy tuule/klaas (windshield) while waiting punase tule taga (at a red light), it was mounted this past fall above the valgus/foorid (traffic lights) and jala/käijate üle/käigu/rada (pedestrian crosswalk) where crowds of kids cross to and from Pelgu- /linna Gümnaasium (High School).

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New Honorary Consul in San Diego Michael Chan (fourth from left) with a group of Estonians. From L to R: Susie-Ann Viirg, Mehis Põld, Aavo Reinfeldt (President of the Estonian World Council), Michael Chan, Jüri Koll (EANC), Kairi Künka (Estonian Consul General), Andrus Viirg (Director of Enterprise Estonia USA), Renee Meriste (EANC). Photo by Renee Meriste


At a formal ceremony also attended by Estonian Ambassador to the US Jonatan Vseviov and Consul General Kairi Künka, Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rainer Saks opened the Estonian Honorary Consulate in San Diego on January 24. 

That is all the more so given the increasing apolitical quality of the young, who see their futures not in their own country but in a broader world and whose loyalties may be to where they are employed rather than to where they are born. That is not true of the majority, but it is a problem for the ever-greater number of young Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians who are moving abroad.


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