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The Baltic Institute has a Board of Directors to develop the framework for this organization and its objectives. A number of prominent people from the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian communities have assembled to provide the policies and principles for the Institute to function. One Estonian has recently become politically active in local politics in NJ, and has failed to attend the last several sessions. The Board is seeking a replacement Estonian from an academic, research or legal background that would be able to participate fully in the meetings, which have been convened in Rockville, Maryland at the Latvian Church and Retirement Home. So, the candidate should be able to travel to that location for the meetings, which have been occurring every other month or so, depending on the completion of ongoing developments to work with the other Board members. Interested persons may respond with a copy of their curriculum vitae to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


ERR News - Following up on its pledge to find funding alternatives for the new National Museum building in Tartu, the state real estate management company Riigi Kinnisvara AS (RKAS) has sketched out a plan to back the project from a number of sources. The 78.5 million euros needed for the museum's construction and furnishing will come from the state budget, the Cultural Endowment and RKASs own funds, with any shortfalls to be covered by a loan that the Cultural Endowment can pay off over several years, RKAS said in a March 8 statement. 


Members of the Estonian Parliament Imre Sooäär, Remo Holsmer, Kalvi Kõva, Jüri Ratas, Annely Akkermann, Indrek Saar, Sven Sester and Kadri Simson met with the members of Maryland congressional offices and the Members of Maryland Estonia Exchange Council at the  Embassy of Estonia on the 5th of March. The Director for International Affairs in Maryland's Office of the Secretary of State and Members of Maryland National Guard also participated in the meeting. The leaders of the Estonian American National Commitee, Joint Baltic American National Committee  and Washington Estonian Society were also present. Close cooperation between Maryland and Estonia started in 1993 with the State Partnership program between Maryland National Guard and Estonian relevant partners. In 2009, the representatives of the state and Maryland and Estonian Harju county signed the Memorandum of Understanding in order to tighten the cooperation in cultural and social affairs. Several cities in Estonia have sister city relationships with cities in Maryland. Estonian Emassy  


Members of the European Parliament together with the Unitas Foundation and NGO TuliPisar invite you and other Baltic communities across the world to hold commemoration events on March 25th, the launch day of the 1949 March deportations. Soviet mass deportations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are among the most disheartening events in the history of the Baltic States. During Stalin’s rule, more than 150 000 people were forcefully taken to Siberia, thousands not even surviving the road there. Since 2010, commemoration events have been held in Estonia and by Estonian communities in more than 10 countries. On March 25th 2012, thousands of candles will again be lit in memory of the deportees. Among others, the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Members of the European Parliament are hosting a commemoration event in Brussels.


On Sunday February 26th many of the Arizona Estonian families and friends gathered together to celebrate the 94th Anniversary of Estonian Independence as they have done over the past many years.   For the third year in a row the event was hosted at the home of Jim and Linda Abbott at their lovely home in Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix.    As always everyone brought some food that included Estonian dishes like verivorst, sült, kilu sandwiches, roosa-manna, along with many other items.   


The Estonian Cultural Heritage Fund, Inc., established to support the preservation of Estonian culture in the US, is now accepting scholarship applications for the 2012/2013 academic year.  Applicants must be US citizens who are or have been active in Estonian-American organizations and have personally advanced their knowledge of and skills in subjects related to Estonian culture.  In selecting scholarship recipients, preference will be given to applicants whose performance in Estonian-American organizations suggests future contributions to the Fund’s objective.  Studies supported by these scholarships may be undertaken in any discipline at any accredited institutions of higher learning.  


ERR News - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has once again blasted Estonian and Latvian citizenship and language policies, this time mentioning them in a lengthy article that mostly hit out against the US and NATO. Putin's piece, "Russia and the Changing World," which appeared in Moskovskie Novosti on February 27, is the latest a series of pre-election articles he has released in the run-up to the country's March 4 presidential elections. Though most of the 6,000-word position statement lambasted Western military strategy and foreign policy, painting it as overly-agressive and irrationally anti-Russian, Estonia and Latvia were not spared Russia's traditional rap on minority rights issues.


Angry birds get that way when you forget to feed them in desperate times. At least Estonian tihased (chickadees), those spirited, curious characters who make no bones about tapping on your window pane. They don't look angry when they tap, just uudishimulikud (inquisitive). But the ones on the packages of päeva/lille/seemned (sunflower seeds) are really good at guilt-tripping. On the wrapper they ask ette/heitvalt reproachfully: "Endale ostsid küll süüa... AGA MULLE?" "You bought yourself something to eat... BUT (WHAT ABOUT) ME?" The catch phrase "Kas sina tihaseid oled toitnud?" (Have you fed the chickadees (yet)?) is well-known. If memory serves me correctly, there was a poster posing the question that made the rounds during the Soviet era. 


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