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ERR News - Ex-CEO of Estonian Air, Tero Taskila, said that Estonia lacks many of the necessary criteria for attracting top talent, including infrastructure, wages and leadership skills.

A two-week visit by Russian food and veterinary inspectors to Estonian fishery and dairy industry companies is currently under way, with experts saying there is no way to predict the results.
The Head of the Estonian Veterinary and Food Board Ago Pärtel, who is accompanying the group, told Postimees on  October 17, that as Estonian companies want to export to Russia, there is no reason to oppose such checkups, which take place every few years.

42 AbistamiskomiteeBottom: Virve Vaher, Sirje Uriko, Mia Tarikas. Top: Helena Otsa, Toomas Kilm, Liisa Sestrich  Photo: Siiri Lind


For 72 years, with generous support from Estonians in the U.S., the Estonian Relief Committee has been helping Estonians that are less fortunate.
Earlier this year, members elected the following to the Board of Directors:  Toomas Kilm – President, Helena Otsa - Vice President, Virve Vaher - Secretary General & Treasurer, Liisa Sestrich – Director, Sirje Uriko – Director. The external auditors are Mia Tarikas and Tuuli Ristkok.

The organization has introduced a new bilingual website and updated its Mission Statement to reflect today’s needs and environment in the Estonian community. One objective is to support fellow Estonians in need in the United States and in Estonia. Another objective is to help preserve and promote Estonian culture and heritage in the United States.
In Estonia, grants support needy children, the handicapped, and veterans in need of medical care and the basic necessities of education and living. The grants are provided to Estonia’s registered charities and non-profit organizations that have the local presence and means to distribute and monitor the charitable use of funds to reach many in need.

41 Sirje kiinA mission to translate the work of Estonia’s most influential poet into English is underway, writes Silver Tambur in an article in

While Estonia has recently become internationally better known for its technological achievements, it has been somewhat slower in showcasing its cultural heritage. Arvo Pärt may well be one of the most performed living composers in the world, but there are still many who don’t realize that he originates from Estonia.

There is even less knowledge about Eduard Tubin (1905-1982), another great Estonian composer. But at least, when one talks with a stranger about Estonian culture in London, Berlin or Paris, music would most probably top the list. With its quality education of classical musicians having produced world-class composers, conductors and singers, this tiny Nordic country truly punches above its weight. One could also mention a few names from the world of visual arts, perhaps followed by Estonian animation.

Boston Herald, Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013:  
When the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, nearly all of its Central Asian “republics” retained their local dictators and even today remain at least politically frozen in time. But on the European side of the vast Soviet empire tiny Estonia grabbed for all of the freedoms it had been denied for five decades — and then some.

Here is some historical reference in regards to the Estonian Gleason, Wisconsin community and church from 1900.

Last fall, Crick and I attended a missions conference in northern Wisconsin.  We met someone there who shared with us an incredible story about a group of Estonians who settled in Wisconsin in the early 1900s.

40 poldmarjad kindlamThe marjad (berries) in this jar are no longer whole, nor are they a "product of Greece", as stated on the label. Greece in Estonian is Kreeka.

41 esimene kirik3The Estonian Evangelical Martin Luther Church

Gleason, Lincoln County, Wisconsin  USA

History records this site in Gleason, Wisconsin, as being established beginning in 1907 to serve the faith of Immi-grants from the Baltic Nations that settled in this geographical area.
The land having been deeded to them by Sig and Tena Heineman in 1907 (#5969 Co. Reg), the founding fathers, Johan Wiltein, George Tutt and Albert Sommi, first known as the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELC), deeded the property and church to the Estonian (Eesti) Evangelical Martin Luther Kokudus (church) on the 16th day of July, 1914. The very same church it is today.

Prior and during the building, the Reverend Hans Rebane of Boston made annual visits to preach to the Estonians in the Gleason area until his death in 1912, followed by the Reverend Konrad Klemmer in 1914 who came from New Jersey to serve the Estonians. A Latvian pastor came from Chicago to serve the Latvians until 1931 when Rev. Werner Kuhlberg came to serve both the Estonians and Latvians.


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