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USA ja Kanada eestlaste ühised suusapäevad veebruari viimastel päevadel toimusid neljandat aastat järjest Mont Tremblant’is, Kanadas.

For the 4th year in a row, USA and Canadian Estos trekked to Mont Tremblant on Feb 27th for a 3-day weekend of winter sports which included; skiing, snowboarding, cross-country, tubing and of course apres-ski socializing.

The weekend kicked off with a major snowstorm on Thursday, adding travel time and stress that all seemed to melt away as Estos gathered for their usual Thursday night reunion at one of Tremblant’s cozy village pubs.

By Friday, approximately 200 Estos had arrived at Mt Tremblant with the mix of participants being fairly evenly split between our friends from the north and USA Estos.

Esto group activities for the weekend included a Friday apres-ski function hosted by Eesti Spordiliit USA (Estonian American Amateur Athletes). The private Library Room at Sommet Des Neiges hotel overflowed with Estos who had a 3-hour+ opportunity to mingle and make new friends.

The traditional downhill ski race which took place on Saturday morning was sponsored by the Estonian Foundation of Canada (Eesti Sihtkapital Kanadas). There were 50 racers in total, the 2020 medal and trophy winners are noted below. This year, we also had approximately 15 Estos participate in a cross country ski outing which ended up as a friendly short course competition.

The Saturday evening Awards Party was lively and well attended. Once the medals and trophies were awarded, things kicked off with the usual perekonnavalss (led by Helle Hantho) and then launched into a dance party with music by Stefan Skonberg.

The strong turnout over the last 4 years seems to be mainly youth-driven and suggests that the Idaranniku Esto Suusapäevad tradition (58 years) will continue on via the next generation and hopefully beyond.

Along with my co-organizers Aini Maripuu, Mikk Jõgi, Erik Must, Marissa Karuks and Aleks Jõgi, we would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s ESTO Ski event.


We’re looking forward to an even larger group next year and will be circulating a survey shortly to help determine where 2021 ski trip planning takes us, who knows, maybe year FIVE at Mont Tremblant?

In the meantime, hope to see you at one of the future Eesti Spordiliidu events on the calendar:


2020. aasta Eesti Spordiliidu USAs spordikalender
2020 Calendar of Events Eesti Spordiliit USA

    Long Islandi spordipäev / jaanipäev    6/13
    Long Islandi Lastesuvekodu    6/27-7/18
    Lakewoodi Eesti Mängud    7/31-8/2
    Võrkpallilaager Kanadas    6/28 – 7/5
    Lakewoodi skautlaager    7/19 – 7/26
    Bike Trek – Jim Thorpe PA    September
    Fall Golf  – Sheppard Hills Allentown PA    10/10


Andrus Ers
Eesti Spordiliit USA


Best Male Skier - Mark Hantho
Best Female Skier - Teija Jõgi
Best Youth Skier – Mikko Liivak
Best Young Man Skier - Hansen Neges
Best Young Women Skier - Angelika Moore
Best Male Boarder - Aaron Storey
Best Female Boarder - Kassandra Hanslep
Best XC Skier - Ülle Leitham Moore


Female Skiers
Girls Age 7

Gold – Taali Spence 48.54

Young Ladies 12 to 14
Gold - Angelika Moore 30.94
Silver – Veronika Liivak 34.18

Young Ladies 16 to 19
Gold – Maarika Neges 33.08
Silver – Lily Aasmaa 34.45

Women 20s
Gold - Teija Jõgi  27.89
Silver - Lia Vaska 32.34
Bronze – Linnea Tõõtsov 46.54

Women 40s
Gold – Maria Becker 32.51
Silver – Krista Raun Spence 32.79
Bronze – Liisi Lascarro 42.38

Women 50s
Gold – Louise Ann Poirier 28.55
Silver – Karin Jõgi 35.08

Senior Women
Gold - Leili Pede-Foster 34.64
Male Skiers

Boys 9-13
Lukas Becker 33.18
Timo Spence 37.00

Boys 14
Mikko Liivak 27.50
Kalev Neges 28.79’

Young Men 15-16
Christopher Becker 32.37
Mikk Aasmaa 33.59

Young Men 18
Gold – Hansen Neges 27.25
Silver – Erikson Moore 27.63

Men 20 to 30
Gold – William Wasesche 27.99
Silver – Cedric Moore 29.11
Bronze – Markus Põldma 31.28

Men 40s
Gold – Oskar Liivak 28.25
Silver – Miku Linkruus 30.47
Bronze – Nick Spence 31.44
Men 50s
Gold – Connor O’Brien 25.20
Silver – Mikk Jõgi 31.46
Bronze – Dave Neges 33.75

Men 60s
Gold – Mark Hantho 24.11
Silver – Valter Must 30.67
Bronze - Tarmo Lobu 31.86

Gold – Peeter Teedla 34.68



Young Men
Gold - Kristjan Tõõtsov 45.98

Gold – Aaron Storey 30.70
Silver – Erik Must 37.16
Bronze – Martin Lehesalu 38.60
Gold – Kassandra Hanslep 34.19
Silver – Marissa Karuks 41.49



Women 45 & under
Gold - Liisi Lascarro
Silver - Lia Triantafylidis

Women 45 +
Gold - Ülle Leitham Moore

Women 65 +
Gold - Milvi Paloots

Men 45 +
Gold -  Geoff Moore
Silver - Carl M Skonberg



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